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Restoration - Philips P60 Main Cleaner.

The car boot fairies were smiling upon me last weekend, when I saw a ruined looking Philips P60 sitting by a stall. Wandered off to have a look, and it found it's way into my hands.

Thanks to the good people at Vacuumland, this is from the early 80's, and was a bottom of the line cleaner, retailing at about £40. Rarely seen now apparently.


The last job this poor cleaner did involved plaster dust, and alot of it! I had to pop the hose onto the miele just to get the dust out and stop it billowing out every time the hose was moved! The foam seal was so perished that when I approached it with another cleaner to get the dust off it shot into the bag in a million pieces of foam.
I quarter filled a DC14 with this!
The hose, still yet to be cleaned.
Luckily the tape wasn't hiding a crack.

So, onto the dis-assembly.
Push the two plastic pins out, and the bag door lifts away.
remove the hose clip

4x Philips (!) screws and the casing separates.
Reference shot of the switch …