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Electrolux Model 65 - Instruction Manual and Guarantee

I recently bought a lovely Electrolux Model 65

And very nice it is too. This is a scan of the wonderful 1960's instruction manual, complete with a spelling mistake, and a great way to hide the smell fro ma massive weed bong...

Which? - Test Lab Carpet Washers August 2014

These three pages are from the Which August 2014 magazine, and concentrate on carpet washers!

Electrolux Floorcare 2006

This is another one that I've printed out from the internet, but 11 years ago I printed this out, the Electrolux Floorcare range 2006. And now I've digitised it again! Strange how that works isnt it...

Sebo Airbelt K3 Brochure - May 2003

Another older brochure for the Sebo K3 here

Sebo Felix Brochure - February 2011

This lovely full colour brochure is for the Sebo Felix range, from November 2011

Sebo Duo P Cleaning System Brochure - August 2002

This brochure from 2002 showcases the Duo P system from Sebo

Bissell 'Big Green' Instructional Pamphlet

I would have picked this up from a supermarket I think, possibly our local Asda who rent these out. It's the little instruction pamphlet that gets given out with the machines!

Sebo Automatic X Product Brochure - March 2003

This is a DL6pp brochure for the Sebo Automatic X machine

Sebo Airbelt C3.1 Promotional Pamphlet - May 2003

There are a few of these coming up tonight, I printed these out goodness knows when, but they are dated 2003, and look foreign.

This is for the Airbelt C. I think when printed properly it's a DL 6pp

Moulinex Major 533 - Instruction Manual and Service Office List

Today (03/02/2016), I bought a very lovely Moulinex Major with full toolkit and paperwork from Gumtree. I have yet to actually look over the vacuum much as I went to collect it during my lunch hour at work, however I did bring the paperwork back with me, and have scanned it in!

The paperwork dates from October 1983, I have not yet looked at the machine to see if it has a date code though!

First up, the Instruction Manual

 After that, we have the Accessories brochure, in many languages with an English spelling mistake

 And lastly, the 12 months guarantee, and very comprehensive list of Service Agents. This is not dated however

 Sadly, Thame Domestic Services Ltd now looks like this

 Infact what they are building is out of the ground now, I was at the petrol station behind the camera just this morning on my way into work to put £20 in the car to go get the vacuum at lunchtime!