Friday, 20 January 2017

Argos Spring/Summer 1988

 Got a NIB Vax 121 in the loft!

I also currently have an Electrolux 612e

Argos Autumn/Winter 1987

These scans are from the second part of the best year ever, Autumn/Winter 1987!

Argos Spring/Summer 1987

These pages are from a great year, the year I was born! Spring/Summer 1987.

Argos Autumn/Winter 1986

4 pages here from the Argos Autumn Winter 1986 catalogue

I have both a Turbopower U1220 and both versions of U2332!

The Daily Main Floor Show - 4th January 1997

A torn out part of a newspaper, a brief review of several cleaners by the Daily Mail in 1997