Sunday, 12 February 2017

Electrolux Model 65 - Instruction Manual and Guarantee

I recently bought a lovely Electrolux Model 65

And very nice it is too. This is a scan of the wonderful 1960's instruction manual, complete with a spelling mistake, and a great way to hide the smell fro ma massive weed bong...

Which? - Test Lab Carpet Washers August 2014

These three pages are from the Which August 2014 magazine, and concentrate on carpet washers!

Electrolux Floorcare 2006

This is another one that I've printed out from the internet, but 11 years ago I printed this out, the Electrolux Floorcare range 2006. And now I've digitised it again! Strange how that works isnt it...

Sebo Airbelt K3 Brochure - May 2003

Another older brochure for the Sebo K3 here

Sebo Felix Brochure - February 2011

This lovely full colour brochure is for the Sebo Felix range, from November 2011