Electrolux Z1373, Z1376, Z1379, Z1488 & Z1498 Bagless Upright Vacuum Manual

I got given this the other day! Slightly annoyingly I had the machine that goes with this off the guy a year ago, for spares as the motor had burnt out. If I knew the warranty book had the serial number written in I'd have kept the chassis and rebuilt another one I have with it so it matched!
Oh well!

Goblin Handy Instruction Manual

This is the instruction manual for the Goblin Handy handheld vacuum cleaner

Goblin Rio 201, 203, 204 and 205 Instruction Manual

This is the paperwork that came with my Goblin Rio

Electrolux Model 11 Filter Pads

I got this the other day a (was) beautiful box of optional filter pads for the Electrolux Model 11! Luckily the faces of the box remain in ok order, and the pads are unused too, although the writing has perished from them now.
The last picture is a vintage pack of non genuine bags that was in with the paperwork too!

This is what a Model 11 looks like, thanks Doug for his encyclopedic blog on just this sort of thing!

Electrolux Model 25 Full Instruction Pack!

I was unboxing an Electrolux Model 55 this evening, when I found a load of paperwork. None of it for the 55 sadly, but all this!
This is for a Model 25 (thanks to Doug for the image! Click here to visit the Vacuum Cleaner Encyclopedia!

Electrolux Turbo Polisher - Instruction Manual

This is the instruction book for the vintage Electrolux turbo polisher attachment for vacuum cleaners, dating from the 1950s. It's a bit tatty, but now it's scanned in the original can go in a plastic wallet safely! This floor polisher was sold with Electrolux Cleaners for many years, and I now have a complete set, with an original, if not tatty box.