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Hoover Turbopower Boost U2716

This poor machine had been in my garage for far too long, so I decided to get it cleaned up, then packed up into storage! It's a bit creaky, and the plastic is starting to perish in places, so before it was too late, I rescued it!

The handle was removed so it didn't snap off in the boot of the car bringing it home!
 No idea if this was an air freshner or a piece of cardboard. Either way it went in the bin!  I took the bag door off first. A gentle twist with a flatblade screwdriver and the catches popped out
 The main bit of damage is to the innder bag door skin. The fading in colour and dirt is evident under the bag door release
Can get to this little lot easier now!
Both sides of the bag door catch
The bottom moulding and bag door clips are removed, and put aside for washing. The bag fill tube and wiring cover is also removed.

 I then removed all the wiring from the top half. Removed the tool holder (and found more damage)

Upper cord hook assembly unscrews
With the top half d…