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Restoration - Hoover Celebrity

My challenge here is to get my Hoover Celebrity working. I was given this a year or so ago, and it never worked. So I thought I would try and fix it up, and clean it at the same time!

This, along with the more common Hoover Constellation floats on air. This particular one is a US model, imported in 1973. I used to have an orange imported Constellation, which I regret selling now. I have an imported Hoover Convertible as well, which will be rebuilt at some point!

First things first is to remove the lid. Take out the tiny circlip and remove the bolt.

Which leaves the main part which I will focus on for now.

Take off the plastic cover and reveal the powerhouse 900w motor!

Wires marked for re-assembly.

Next, remove the 3 bolts holding the bottom plate on, and remove the bottom plate.

This was cleaned with Megs APC, an old wheel brush and a few old MF's


Next lift out the plate which sandwiches the motor into the machine

This was cleaned, along with the rubber seal.

Next job was t…