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Numatic Henry HVR200 - Stripdown and motor replacement!

I picked this little fellow up from the car boot a few weeks ago for £10. I had been after a diy/car/dirty jobs vac for a while now, and this seemed to fit the bill nicely.

 However, it had been heavily abused, and had no suction at all so of course I stripped it down!
 First to be fixed was the hose, I chopped off each broken end and put it back together!
As you can hear, he doesnt sound healthy!
So, off with his head!
 Found this stuffed deep in the cord rewind system

 it was VERY dusty! No wonder it blew dust out when turned on
 Oh, the motor looks fun...

 I cant believe this still ran!
I started unpicking the wiring  Cord rewind cables out
 Thermal cutout for the motor removed