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Numatic Henry HVR200 - Stripdown and motor replacement!

I picked this little fellow up from the car boot a few weeks ago for £10. I had been after a diy/car/dirty jobs vac for a while now, and this seemed to fit the bill nicely.

 However, it had been heavily abused, and had no suction at all so of course I stripped it down!
 First to be fixed was the hose, I chopped off each broken end and put it back together!
As you can hear, he doesnt sound healthy!

So, off with his head!

 Found this stuffed deep in the cord rewind system

 it was VERY dusty! No wonder it blew dust out when turned on
 Oh, the motor looks fun...

 I cant believe this still ran!
I started unpicking the wiring
 Cord rewind cables out
 Thermal cutout for the motor removed

 identifing the wires one by one
 Switch and power socket are out

 Power socket stripped down for cleaning
 contact rings removed

 And onto the motor!
Carbon holders out

 2 bolts under the holders and the top part 'taps' away from the main motor

 The fan chamber splits down more now

 Fully clogged

 still fully clogged!

 Pile of rubbish just from the motor
 I then moved on to the filter and base
I wonder what caused the motor to fill up with hair?
 Ah look, a hole! It's all well and good using these bagless but not when the filter is torn!
 and filthy!
 Took the seal off and cage out and put it in the washing machine along with the hose!

 Removed the bag fill neck
 and removed the front wheels
 Scraped the worse of the rubbish out of the tub

 and removed the rear wheels. The whole lot was then washed and scrubbed until it looked lovely again!

 And back together!

 Sadly however, all this cleaning proved too much for the motor, which suffered armature failure very shortly afterwards. Luckily, I have a spare good motor from an NV250 which I scrapped long ago, so I fitted that to Henry
 And put a longer cable on as the original was very short and cut in several places
 Nice new bag too
 Henry now reached to my shed at the end of the garden without needing an extension lead
 And an after video!

Henry has now helped me clean out several other machines, as well as the shed, the car and the patio! Hopefully he will last another 21 years!


  1. Wow!
    Amazing restoration. So often we see people throw things like that away and waste money buying brand new stuff. Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you fixed it but also you know how to fix again if develops any faults. Not to mention how much cash you've saved 😉.
    You're an inspiration!
    Thank you

  2. Hey! I've just picked-up one of these, with missing winder , flex and the spring contacts that follow the two brass rings. I see (I think) that your one doesn't have the low/hi speed switch, mine doesn't either, so I think we have the same model. Do you know if there's a suppressor across the live/neutral cable? It looks like recent models have one, but I can't see one in yours. My plan is to hard wire a flex, bypass the switch, and use this as a very small/simple workshop extractor.

    1. Hi Ben. Nice find! These older ones (up to 2001 I think) didn't have hi/lo, just on/off. The hiLo ones can have all that removed as well to be on and off! There is a suppressor across the L and N of the cord rewind, but I've seen those removed before then they pop with heat. You will be fine collecting the N and L of a cable to the wires off the motor and just using the socket it's plugged into as the switch! If you want to make it a bigger extractor find an old Charles/George base, or hack your own with an old oil drum and lots of epoxy/gaffa tape, just cut the base of your base off below the hose input!

  3. Hi, I can’t open the video of what the Henry sounded like before re furb


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