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Miele S716 - Stripdown and Refurb

I traded this with a DC04 Constant Max I had, and set about refurbishing it

 The small tools were first

 They were certainly used, but not beyond use.
Hose next
 This style of floor tool is horrible to get apart and then back together again. My S5510 had one that I tried with. So this got left alone, apart from removing the litter pickers for washing

Done, onto the main machine

Lift the tool door  and lift it off it's plastic hinges  This spring is what makes it lift up when you release it, it just pulls off each end of the clip  Next, we need to remove the filter This machine has an Active Air Filter fitted, which was spotless so I kept it
 Time to remove the bag door now. It is held either side by these black pegs  The one by the power button lifts out and slides off the locating peg on the bag door