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Quick Repair - Hoover Whirlwind WR71

Hello my Vacuum Cleaner Chums!

One of my girlfriends friends asked her if I still repaired vacuum cleaners. Of course, the answer was yes, and I found myself coming home tonight via her house and collecting this

A Hoover Whirlwind WR71.

She said she had had it about 4 months, and it wasn't picking up. A quick browse of google confirm it is indeed current and being sold in Tesco for £50. Hoover want a frankly eye watering £120 for it!

So, I had my suspicions as to what it might be, and a quick test when I got home confirmed the relief valve was opening, and there was sod all suction.

So, I had the cyclone off

 I hate little filters like this. Totally ineffective, infact I threw this away and cut up an random better bit of filter to fill it's gap. So much fluff and debris gets through these things, and clogs the motor fan up
 I undid the cyclone
 undid the filter, and immediatly my suspicions were confirmed
 I'd be amazed if she even knew it had a filter, let alone that she …

A Dyson DC24 complete strip down video

Hello my Vacuum Cleaner chums!

Recently, I filmed myself fully componentising a Dyson DC24, in preparation for a refurb.

I do go on a bit, but explain everything in detail.

If you are of the pictures and text persuasion, then I wrote a guide a few years ago here which does miss some of the detail (I really must write an updated version one day) but covers 98% of the detail.

The DC24 is fairly simple once you get used to it. I break it down as:

Main chassis
Motor/Ball/Yolk unit
Brushroll Housing

The only tricky parts I find is the grey pedal spring, and the chassis to ball wiring, which is very fiddly, and I would suggest you make good notes of the fitment of each wire, either by drawing a pretty picture, or taking photographs along the way.

The DC24 is a very finicky machine, which is unsuitable for large or even medium sized homes. The main issues you will have (not if, WHEN!) will be:

Main motor failure - There is a guide to change the motor (written my myself) here

DC39 - Stripdown and Refurb

So, a slight change, my Vacuum Cleaner chums, as I realise I cannot write comprehensive stripdown and refurb threads twice.

So, from now on, I shall be linking you to them!

To start, the DC39. I bought this for £15 from facebook, and sold it for £80. It went very well.

Full story here:,2313.0.html

and the after video here: Dyson DC39 - After Refurbishment

I hope you enjoy!