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Hoover Junior 119 (Scheme B) - Stripdown and Refurbishment

So, a good while ago now, I bought this from ManchesterVacs for £not a lot. They got it given to them, but didn't really know what to do with it
 Let's see what's inside!

The first thing that caught my attention was the awful cable

Underneath the tape revealed the sheathing to be brittle and cracking
Parts of the broken cable look burnt
But closer inspection reveals it's just where some proper old tape has been sat, no fire here
Next up is the bag! Sadly not a genuine brown one, but a genuine Hoover replacement, possibly from the 60's/70's
It's a tad full...
Let's have a look at the main part of the show!
I think I'm right in dating this to 1950 (up to serial number K10,000)
The other reason this was quite cheap, was it didn't actually work. Turns out the switch was broken, so time to have her upside down and take the wiring cover off the bottom
The switch sits up top, the 2 top wires run from it into the main loom
To get the broken switch out,…