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£50,000 Pay off your Mortgage Competition! 1988 Hoover Competition Form

Possibly one of Hoover's more safer promotions, before the free flights fiasco, this competition from 1988 is delightfully 'of it's time'!

 Interestingly, the black box underneath the Sensotronic is covering some text that says "5 Year Free Parts & Labour Guarantee on all Home Laundry, dishwashers and major vacuum cleaners", you can just read it in the right light!

Stripdown & Refurb - Hoover Purepower U3350 from 1999

The Hoover Purepower is the last 'Hoover' designed upright cleaner before the company fell apart, and production left the UK and moved abroad. This model was fully caught up in the Free Flights scandal, and the fallout from that. The early models (of which this is) were made in Cambuslang, and the design is still being made today, in china!
The story of this one starts with my Aunt-in-Law, who had been given 2 'Hoover' vacuums, and wondered if I could get one working for her. What she dropped off, was this!
 Handily, the bagless one was missing several key components, so the decision was easy, especially as I had several spare parts for it in the shed!  Nice royal warrant on show  And on with the stripdown
First off was the rather fluffy dusting brush
 Which has certainly seen some use!
Then the Upholstery tool, which has the later designed brush strip   Next was the extension tool and scabbard crevice tool  And a filthy hose  The ends of the hose come off easily to …