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Which Febuary 2017 Vacuum Cleaners - Test Lab

I am quite fortunate where I work, as we hold the contract for delivering Which? magazines to subscribers, and always get a massive pile in for checking, most of which go in the recycling, but lots get dotted around the office. This expalins why I have all of the Vacuum Cleaner related ones from the past few years... The quality is nowhere near as good or detailed as the old ones I have shown on this blog before though!

This is a page on handhelds, and a 3 page testlab for Febuary 2017's issue

Sebo Automatic X - May 2008

The Automatic X range from 2008

Sebo Professional D

This is undated sadly, but showcases the Professional D range.

Sebo BS 36&46 Comfort 2014

This 2 pager details the commercial BS range as of 2014

Sebo Airbelt K - February 2008

This brochure is for the Sebo Airbelt K series in 2008. I always wanted a K3 Vulcano!

Sebo Felix Range October 2007

This is an earlier Felix brochure that I have (I have a later one with a different lineup to scan). It features the Felix Fun

Sebo Dart USH (Ultra High Speed) Polisher Feb 2008

This brochure concentrates on the polisher attachment available for the Dart cleaner from Sebo

Sebo Commercial Range

This brochure is not dated, but it details the Sebo commercial lineup at a certain point in time...

Sebo Airbelt C2 Total Brochure - 1990's

This has been placed by a Sebo authority as after 1997 - "I'd say 1990s, 1995 the C series launch with the complete range in 1997 which included the power head."  

Sebo Airbelt D - September 2010

This brochure is pre EU regulations in September 2010, and details the Airbelt D range from Sebo

Argos Spring/Summer 1988

Got a NIB Vax 121 in the loft!

I also currently have an Electrolux 612e