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Hoover Service Manual - 1987

This is going to be a large post! I have just scanned in the whole of the 1987 Hoover Service Manual (well, the vacuum cleaner parts anyway!)

I'll break this down into chapters. First up, is the covers of the book, and the few adverts I found scattered throughout, and the contents.

Onto the cleaners now, and the Powerglide S4256

Next, the Hoover Spirit S4334.

Next, Hoover Compacts, models S3458, S3460, S3462 & S3464.

Next, Sensotronics! Alot of models here:

S6620 System 10
S3322 System 20
S3324 System 30
S3326 System 40
S3328 & S3360 System 50
S3430 System 25
S3432 System 35
S3434 System 55
S3448 System 10
S3450 System 20
S3452 System 30
S3454 System 40
S3456 System 50.