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Dyson Tools - 2010 Range

This brochure shows the full range of Dyson tools available as of May 2010

'The Story of Dyson' Promotional Booklet 2009

This is the September 2009 edition of the 'Story of Dyson' promotional booklet which was tied onto new Dyson cleaners.

Hoover Junior 375 Service Manual

This is the service manual for the Hoover Junior 375 cleaner. I do like these, I have one myself which could do with a light service one of these days.

Hooverette Service Manual

The Hooverette is a machine that every collector will have at some point in his or her life! I have two, although one is for spares to fix the better one! This is a service manual scan for it!

Hoover Portapower S1015 Service Manual

This service manual from 1981 covers the Portapower S1015 machine, but will be similar for later Portapower machines I imagine!

Hoover Junior - 1960's Service Manual

This is a scan of various service manual pages for the Hoover Junior cleaners. It seems to cover the 1334/A/E and 1354 models, but isn't really in any sort of order, so I can't split it down by machine. I don't have the original copy so do not know how it should be presented

But it covers it all in much detail, so enjoy!