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A look at my Dysons - December 2015

A long overdue update!
I bought all the Dysons I owned down from the loft before Christmas, and had a bit of a photoshoot. These pictures are out of date now, as there has been some movement.
is what it looked like!

Here we have the oldies: DC01 De Stijl DC01 Absolute+ DC01 Standard  DA001 DC02 Standard

As for the rest:
The DC18 is awaiting surgery and refurbishment The DC50 is waiting for a miracle! The DC03 Clear is no longer with me, it now lives in Manchester in a glass case! The DC03 Absolute Plus I still have The DC05 Needs a new wand The DC16 gets used daily
I also have a scrap DC02 Clear now, although that is being broken for spares. I also have a late DC01 Standard, which is faded and will be lent out to a family member after refurbishment as a stop gap vacuum.
I didn't mean to start collecting DC01's, it just sort of happened!